From Ordinary to Iconic

When you think of adventure, animals, discovery, and play, think Iconic. Hi, I’m John Dunlap, President & CEO of Iconic Attractions Group. For me, there is no “typical day” in the office and that’s the way I prefer it. In my current role as President & CEO of Iconic Attractions Group and President of Jungle Island, I oversee park management of South Florida’s favorite landmark and entertainment destination. I’ve put in motion a plan to completely transform the park into a destination for eco adventures focused on adventure, animals, discovery and play. Learn more about Jungle Island’s giant transformation here:

Iconic is an attractions management company that collaborates with partners to create, enhance, and revitalize world-class destinations. We’re a seasoned group of hospitality and leisure management executives with decades of combined experience working with world-class organizations to elevate venues and generate ROI. With offices in San Diego and Miami, our creative, collaborative, and self-driven team works with best-in-class partners from coast to coast.

Are you Iconic? Contact us today, we’re always here to talk, listen, and connect!

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